Luke 1:27-45. The angel said to Mary, “Rejoice, highly favoured one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women! This year you have to KNOW that you are highly favoured! Every purpose of God to be achieved by you and through you this year will be by the power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is your enabler, dunamis, the power of the highest. He is the power that drives your life forward no matter obstacles you may face.

With God nothing will be impossible vs 37. I absolutely believe it. Step into the year with the Joshua courage. Joshua 1:9. For everything God wants to do in your life, he needs your cooperation and agreement. Do you believe? Can you receive his promises? Remember the angel came to Mary and made some amazing, never before heard pronouncements. But, he needed her consent.

In a nutshell, Mary said in vs 38, I agree. She received God’s word by faith and followed the trail of faith to Elizabeth, her cousin’s house. She made contact with the supernatural power of God by her faith. The moment she agreed and signed up, the power of the Holy Ghost went to work in her. Blessed are you if you believe, for you will surely see God’s word come to pass in your life.

God’s part of the covenant promise is never in doubt.  Are you a keeper of the Covenant? God said to Joshua, obey my commandment and you will experience the blessings. This year, obey His voice, walk in His ways and the blessings will naturally follow. Leviticus 26:3. Don’t seek things, seek the giver of all good things and every other thing will follow.

Building relationship is essential to strengthening your covenant walk with God. God said of Abraham, How can I do this and not tell Abraham, my friend? To them that please Him, God reveals His secrets. To carry that type of weight with God can only come with a relationship. Be jealous for the things of God. Seek him constantly. Your desire is what endears you to His heart.


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